Stand With Kerala

Friends, I hope you all know about the tragedy took place in kerala for last few days. Kerala is facing it’s worst disaster of the century ever now. As a Keralite, it is hard situation for me to be updated here. The people here are facing a huge crisis in food, drinking water, clothes and […]

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When – A Poem

This world is beautiful Made us everyone wonderful. I’ve been blessed to born But now I’m torn. I don’t know why, But it makes me cry. Oh Lord, why you sent me into this world What my character is, you never told. I believed this world is divine. Now it is the kingdom of demon. […]

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Mom’s Love ❤ – A poem

In this selfish world, Where the money rules over love. Where the angriness rules over compassion. In an era of great changes and revolutions, There is one thing, only one thing in this world not undergoing through changes. Without selfishness, With compassion and selflessness. . I remember when I saw that thing For the first […]

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